Unfortunately, it is not possible to answer your question exactly. There is not enough information. Let's imagine the situation, there are 3 different girls who bought good quality shoes. The first girl has a lot of shoes and will wear the shoes she bought sometimes, twice a week. She will have shoes like new one, and then she will give them to her mother. The second girl, who has few shoes, will wear them to work every day. How long will she keep them like new? Depends on how she treats them and what her job is. The third girl is careless about shoes, because she simply does not appreciate things. How long she can use her shoes is unknown. The service life depends very much on the person, not on the product. We only sell high quality products, some of the best on the market. Our products are not afraid of contact with ordinary water, but you should pay attention to the fact that rings and bracelets often come into contact with chemicals in the form of detergents. People are just too lazy to take them off (this shortens the service life), and earrings and necklaces practically do not come into contact with chemistry at all, so their service life is usually 3 or even 5 times longer than that of bracelets and rings.

Our products do not darken and there is absolutely no point in comparing them with traditional jewelry. Over time, the coating comes off and the color and shine just fade a little. We perfectly understand that you would like to hear in months how long the purchased product will serve you, and some are so persistent that they want to know probably, even in minutes. As you understand, there is no specific timeframe, it all depends on the person. Our employees wear our products for more than a year, then they simply change them. With the normal using, they will serve you for more than one year, and will allow you to create many interesting images.